Guess I'm a typical online geek.

My personal homepage has evolved more into a site focused on my musical activities :

As of 2021 I'm putting more effort into the Synaesmedia YouTube channel (mainly about various geek / software strategies for making music) :

Meanwhile, my geek / programmer / wiki-obsessive / DigitalGardening activities are mainly captured at

I was writing way too much on Quora : so, as of 2021, I've closed my account and given up.

I'm interested in, well, everything this wiki is about. But in summary ...

TopThoughts is a list of some of my "best" (ie. longer, more coherent) writings. These are a bit outdated though.

My Software

A lot of my software can be found on GitHub : or GitLab :

Current Software under active development

CardiganBay Wiki-Engine and Personal Knowledge Management ClojureLanguage
MindTrafficControl Todo Queue ClojureLanguage
GoldenPond Music generation PythonLanguage

Haitus ... maybe I'm coming back to this at some point

BootDown Static site generation PythonLanguage
SlowControllers Music software, plugins for VCVRack CPlusPlus
Gbloink! Art toy various versions in various languages
Zewp! Art toy various versions in various languages
WaveFlavours Sound synthesis CPlusPlus
MachineGardens / PotJockey Software art works / Fabrication technology ProcessingLanguage
Patterning Pattern generation ClojureLanguage

Pretty much deprecated :

Also :


I love music and occasionally write weird programs to compose it. (PhilsMusic, PhilsFavouriteBands, MusicalStuff)

Research and Simulation

I have an interest in, and used to work with AgentBasedSimulations

I did some research into CompetitiveNetworkFormation

I helped found OPTIMAES to understand more about money and economics.

I spent most of my 20s in academia thinking about ArtificialLife, PhilosophyOfMind, and particularly IndividualRecognition

I rave about OrganicArchitecture and how good dense, complex urban environments are ... possibly because I (sometimes) live in Brasilia

Occasionally I write about BlockChains and various innovations OnMoney, so for the sake of transparency, here's my CryptoDisclosure


I used to have SleepApnea and didn't get enough oxygen. But after having my tonsils removed and losing weight, this is much improved.

Several years ago : PhilIsStupid


I hate photos of me, so if I have to post one, might as well be somewhere interesting. (Atacama Desert, Northern Chile, Jan 2004)

See also GreatWallOfChina for old photo

Phil Jones

Anarchy. Abstraction. Systems. Patterns. Form.

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