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Their time has come :

2023: Drone killed its controller to finish the mission :

Jun 30, 2021 : Israel uses the first DroneSwarms :

2021 : The Future of War is Bizarre and Terrifying

2017 :

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The thing that I would fear is an insect-like robot with a poisonous sting. I think it is not far from being 'practical'. –ZbigniewLukasiak

: Yes killer RobotInsects is a nasty thought. – PhilJones

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From the future of robotics (Summer 2004) :,4814,94386,00.html

They'll fight our wars. My robots will fight your robots. It's like playing chess. It'll be an expensive game, but I think it will minimize loss of life.

Yeah, right! I can see we'll set up robot armies to fight each other so we don't get to be inconvenienced. Look, inconvenience is the point of war. The rich countries will build robots to go and kill the people of poorer countries who don't have robots to defend them. And because the rich governments won't be embarrassed by all the body-bags coming home, they'll likely be less cautious, and less concerned to win HeartsAndMinds among the civilian populations of the conquered lands.

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