Cool Things In Ruby

I think this is the first article I've read that makes Ruby sound significantly more interesting than PythonLanguage for me to be jealous.


It's like a clean Perl - currently my (AdrianHoward) favourite new language :-)


Ah, this partly answers the question I asked on PythonLanguage page. Is the advantage over Python that it has amore C-like syntax? – PhilJones

It's no so much that it's C like, but I do find the TMTOWTDI attitude of Ruby and Perl more expressive. In my opinion a more expressive languages enables a good programmer to write clearer and more concise code (and, of course, a bad developer to write unmaintainable line noise :-)

I personally find Ruby's OO model more cohesive. Python's procedural heritage shows through all the time (just like it does in Perl). The fact that things like iterators and generators have only recently been added to Python means they've not percolated to the standard libraries.

Not that I hate Python or anything - very nice language - just that I find Ruby's implementation cleaner. The syntax isn't really an issue.


Wholeheartedly agree on the TMTOWTDI / expressive thing.


I was lying about the anonymous subroutine / closure stuff. Python does support them and I managed to miss it in the documentation before (maybe an earlier version?). Ooops. Said foolish comments now culled.

has has more on various comparisons between the two languages.