WikiIsNothingButLinkBins (ThoughtStorms)

Sometimes it's true ... Wiki us just a bunch of LinkBins

In practice, this wiki often does what TopicMaps are meant to do : act as a graph-shaped, and hyperlinked index to other resources (both on and offline)

Does this make explicit CategoryLinkBin pages redundant?

Hey Phil, just a quick note to comment on how amazing your reading is - how did you ever survive, with such a curious mind, before wiki 8^) Have you had any more thoughts on whether wiki is/can-be more than a link bin; do the topics/titles suffice to trigger your memory; do you intend/want to do more synthesis? Do you have any stories on how the capturing of so many links set off that little light bulb in an aha-moment, perhaps months after the event? Apart from the online stuff, have you read any good books lately? Ciao for now -- kk

: Thanks for comments. Here are a couple of responses.

-- PhilJones

CategoryLinkBin, CategoryWiki