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Quora Answer : How can we stop block chains getting into the wrong hands?

Sep 28, 2016

You can't. Blockchains are just a technique, not things.

(You might compare "encryption". While the government would LOVE not to let you have encryption, it's very hard to stop you as long as you have a general purpose computer and connection to the rest of the world.)

Blockchains are the same.

I'm personally disturbed by various moves to reduce our access to general purpose computers eg the rise of phones as managed devices that can only run software that Apple or Google approve of.) And the attacks on net-neutrality. (ie. a world where people only have access to the part of the internet that Facebook / Google provide access to.)

Blockchain technology may well be suppressed if we end up in a world where people won't be able to install the clients - because clients aren't welcome alternatives to Apple and Google's own payment solution (they'll say that the third party blockchain apps are dangerous and they're protecting their users); or download the blockchain data - because the phone company allocates all the bandwidth to streamed movies and VR games.

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