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Software platform that uses BitCoin-like BlockChain to manage distributed knowledge. Runs SmartContracts

Created and project managed by VitalikButerin

Could, in theory provide distributed contracts that would allow corporations to exist independent of government regulation. Could therefore counter my argument that Capitalism needs government. OnLibertarianism

The EthereumVirtualMachine

And EthereumApps


A VinayGupta talk ... he's currently working with Ethereum.

a client for RaspberryPi

Criticism (Specifically of Ethereum]]):

  • No one needs Turing Complete smart-contracts :
    • the requirement (trustably decentral computation) doesn't justify the extra overhead (ie. extra processing on all the nodes)
    • meanwhile it can't be fully trustworthy because you rely on oracles which can in principle be bribed by other smart-contracts.

Compare : AgainstCryptoCurrencies

Added 2017-11-11 :

TheDAO was a major hack, a smart-contract that managed to steal money on the Ethereum blockchain.

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Quora Answer : Why do people still invest in Etherereum Classic?

Oct 20, 2016

This is fascinating.

As near as we could ever get, to a genuine experiment, in political economy. One which could deliver real empirical results.

The ETH community believe that in certain extreme cases, like undoing a massive "crime", some sort of "government" (for some value of "government") interference in a currency is legitimate.

The ETC people are the hardcore right-Libertarians who believe that for money to be "sound", no sort of government interference is tolerable. However plausible the justification.

Each of these political positions now has its own currency and economy, which are otherwise very similar, and we can watch which one does better. The one backed by a community willing to interfere when they see a need, and the one backed by a radical laissez faire philosophy.