NationStateUnderAttack (ThoughtStorms)

Can the NationState last? It's under attack from NetoCracy in various forms :

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JohnRobb :

: Maybe what you'd expect? Two branches of NetoCracy, a terrorist network and a financial network, co-operating against the nation state. Almost by definition, doesn't have to be planned or explicit to be happening. It's emergent co-operation. (See also BazaarOfViolence)

: this has a media / technology dimension too. See OnMedia / MediaSystem and see TheMarketLogicOfInformation for the possible counter.

: another interesting point from this essay. States had to join InternationalStandardsBodies in order to get the best out their communication technology, interop with the neighbouring states.

: Overall thesis should be connected to ManuelCastells's NetworkSociety

Local private feifdoms :

: Compare BernardLietaer/HellOnEarth

Are the problem of the nation-state under attack just a sub-class of a the more general patterns of networks undermining hierarchies?


Maybe that should lead to a bit of CounterThinking. All those claims of networks inevitably beating hierarchies need to wonder about the times when HierarchiesBeatNetworks. Sometimes the conditions go the other way.

This discription of a talk by SeymourHersh : reminds reminds me of something that's increasingly nagging me. Especially this quote :

: "How could eight or nine neoconservatives come and take charge of this government?" he asked. "They overran the bureaucracy, they overran the Congress, they overran the press, and they overran the military! So you say to yourself, How fragile is this democracy?"

: Increasingly I wonder whether the NeoCon / right take-over of the US is a classic example of a NetoCracy attack. For example, WarBloggers have perfected "swarming" tactics against "liberal" media and analysis (RightWingBlogMobsVsLeftWingAcademics). And StigmergicInspiration spawns new WatchSites etc.

: But the neocon take over happened earlier, within the US Republican party and then in the election. Lots of small factors contributed : talk-radio hosts and media (in this sense, the media plays it's role), RightWingThinkTanks, software companies in charge of electoral voting rolls, Jed Bush etc. Can we see these elements as being netocratic players?

: ah ... here's an example of them taking control of the Republicans :

A twist on NetoCracy/MediaAgainstTheState : Italy: media-owner Berlusconi became prime-minister, is now under attack from ex-journalists standing as politicians.

What to do

If we want to repair nations we need to think about /NationBuilding but a BazaarOfViolence is an alternative structure which can occupy the same space and prevent nation states succeeding. (See also PlatformWars)

Maybe resilience is what's needed :

BrittBlaser :

> The Network has the power to make American Politicians as irrelevant as the British Monarchy.'' (Compare (Compare EmergentDemocracy)

JohnRobb finds a "dangerous idea" compelling : what use is the nation state?

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