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''Hi Emile,

welcome to ThoughtStorms. Tell us a bit about yourself here :-) – PhilJones''

OK, I'm french and currently studying ArtificialIntelligence in Beijing. I have a not-so-often updated blog at http://eleves.ec-lille.fr/~kroeger and that's about it. Oh yes I'm also into FreeSoftware video game projects, and game design (or system / interaction / interface design in general).

I'm interested in (insert mile long list here) so I found a lot of interesting ideas bouncing around here. Probably especially in the internet / politics sections (I'm wondering if I'm MovingToTheRight. I am certainly getting more skepical about quite a few things). I'll be very interested in ideas like PhilosophicalMarkup.

Anyway this wiki looks like an interesting place and I should be hanging around some.

AI in China! That sounds so cool! How is AI research there? What are they interested in?

: I'm not doing any research yet, just following the courses. I'll really get started in research next year, now it's also paper-reading time.

I was in Beijing for a few days at the end of 2002 and I thought it was fascinating. Horribly polluted, and it's a shame they're razing the OrganicArchitecture in favour of appartment blocks. (I keep meaning to create a page here on HuTonRoofs. Saddly all the photos I took on a cheap disposable camera came out very bad.)

: Hey, I have a digital camera, I can get some hutong pictures (I don't have many now, I mostly explored the city before getting my camera and I tend to stay stuck on campus a lot).

But there was an interesting energy there. A lot of Westerners too. I can imagine it would be great to stay / study there for a longer period.

How did you decide / manage to study there? And what language do you speak in college?

: My school in France has an exchange program with China. I got on ok with the chinese students, learnt a bit of chinese, and well, may as well do it all the way :) I use chinese and english here. The courses are mostly in chinese, but I can get enough material to keep up (I can have a conversation in chinese, but understanding a knowledge engineering course by a teacher with a heavy southern accent is another matter).

Hi Emile,

thanks very much for reverting spam. :-)

Looks like ThoughtStorms is in their sights ... I hope we can keep up with the deluge. Otherwise I'll have to start IP blocking. :-(


The advantage of spambots over evil malicious trolls is that they give up a fight quickly, so I doubt he'll be back, he's out there looking for a unmaintained wiki.

Whoever designed spambot scripts is probably going to be reincarnated as a toilet seat in his next life.


Maybe now works here? : https://developer.softbankrobotics.com/%40EmileKroeger