ThoughtStorms (ThoughtStorms)

This Wiki is called ThoughtStorms


ThoughtStorms was started in 2003 by PhilJones using UseMod wiki.

By about 2008 it had gone into a bit of a decline. Partly because SpammingThoughtStorms had forced me to close it to public contributions. And partly because blogs and other SocialSoftware were getting more compelling.

In 2012 I began ProjectThoughtStorms, a project to revive and reanimate ThoughtStorms by porting it to the SmallestFederatedWiki. I had some thoughts on HowSFWChangesWiki and a new WikiManifesto2012

In 2016 I had a change of heart. And moved it back to some new very simple, self-written wiki software. For more information see LeavingTheSFW.

Over time, some of ThoughtStorms's WikiNature has changed. There's now less emphasis on participation. The SFW solution to participation is federation (as with blogs and DistributedSourceControl). Each person has their own wiki and you collaborate by interlinking, forking and pulling etc. However, because I used my own custom markup, the federation never really worked. With this latest iteration, we may well see things evolve even further.

The Name

"ThoughtStorms" was a term I invented, originally as the chapter title for a novel I was trying to write back in about 1992. The novel never went anywhere. But the name stuck.

The Future

Perhaps surprisingly, although I've been obsessing about wiki, running wiki software, and writing wiki-like things for getting on for 14 years, this is the first time, I'm actually running ThoughtStorms wiki on my own (minimal) wiki-engine. This is quite exciting because for the first time, I can focus on writing the things that I really want to have.

As of 2016, ThoughtStorms is one of several test-cases for the new wiki software I'm writing. The ProjectThoughtStorms git repository will track that software development process.

ThoughtStorms now uses MarkDown as this is the dominant SmartAscii. With a couple of enhancements to make embedding YouTube, BandCamp and SoundCloud easier.

Eventually, more connections will be rebuilt with my other projects : OutlinerWithWikiLinking and MindTrafficControl.

ThoughtStormsIsNotAMuseum. ThoughtStorms is meant to be a living, growing, dying, composting thing.

With this port, I commit to not treating it as if everything was precious and inviolable.

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