LionKimbro (ThoughtStorms)

Now Seb's lumped me in with him, I need to start reading Lion.

(This last reminds my friend JoBrook said, as a child, she once tried to build a model of everything.)

: I fully agree, Lion's great :) I'm now trying to put into practice his notebook system (thanx seb !) -- EmileKroeger

The link to the famous interview with Lion which almost never works for me :

EmileKroeger commented on the PageNumbersInMyNotebook on Tribe, which I've moved to a page on it's own. -- PhilJones

As for wiki, I'm working with a bunch of other people on: - - you may want to check out or or maybe it's

-- LionKimbro


BTW : Welcome to ThoughtStorms, Lion. Good to have you here.

-- PhilJones

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