WhyIsMyPhoneSoUseless (ThoughtStorms)

So, here's a question.

Why is my phone so useless?

I'm a fairly experienced programmer.

I have the Android developer tools. And I have this amazing (not exactly state of the art, but by any reasonable historical standards) insanely powerful computer in my pocket.

So is it so useless?

Why do I still not have the kinds of software I use every day on my computer on my phone?

Why no MindTrafficControl or ProjectThoughtStorms type software? (Beyond the old OwlDroid which I never put on the phone and probably wouldn't work.

Why not the music toys I actually want to develop and play music with?

Why not all the kinds of things I still dream about?

Instead my phone is basically just a client to Quora, TeleGram, GMail and TheGuardian. Sure, this has some value to me. But it's a huge wasted opportunity. Not to mention that I've written 7000 questions on Quora over the last 8 years. Partly because I don't edit ThoughtStorms on my phone.

So why don't I write the software I want?

It's not exactly lack of skill. I lack skills, but these are skills I have no doubt I could learn them in principle. I can write Java. I love writing ClojureLanguage. I looked at KotlinLanguage and have no doubt I could write it.

It's not exactly lack of time or resources. I have enough time if I'm focused. And I have a perfectly valid laptop and a good enough phone.

It's not lack of other tools. I have Android Studio (resource hog but it runs) and the ability to put Clojure code on my phone.

So what is the reason?

That's what this page is to figure out.

Here are some thoughts ...

1) The screen is still a bit small. (Need to work out good UI paradigms for it ... desktop / browser ones don't translate)

2) Synchronization is (still) a bitch :

3) Did I just mention sharing files between different apps is discouraged. This makes the kind of small tools approach I favour hard.