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Hi Phil. I followed a link from MeatballWiki to here and liked what I saw. So now I'm just touring ThoughtStorms a bit. Here's my very incomplete tour itinerary, as it happens:

Thought about intentional fame-chasing on IAmNeverGoingToGetFamousWithMyWiki. Practiced a little ArgueAgainstMe on AcademicJournals (material moved to JStor).


Hi Stephen,

welcome to ThoughtStorms :-)

Good to have you here. Remember this is a place where (although we're highly polite and friendly) you're encouraged to ArgueAgainstMe, whenever you think I get things wrong.

If you're interested by security, you should (if you don't already) know of WikiMinion.

I'm interested in fame, less because I'm a wannabe celebrity (although that too ;-), but because of the role it's playing in the evolving social / economic / political spheres. See TheAttentionEconomy (which is why we're all chasing a bit of the stuff), NetoCracy, TheCultOfCelebrity etc.

-- PhilJones