Context : EducationExploded, AcademicPublishing, PersonalKnowledgeManagement, ToolsForThought

Notebooks for academics (scientists, researchers etc.) which allow connection to datasets and embedded code. AcademicKnowledgeManagementSoftware

(ReadWith) ElectronicLaboratoryNotebook

These ought to be the focus of academic publishing and practice.

AcademicJournals ought to insist that all publications are accompanied by a Smart Notebook.

DigitalGardening is a more general note-taking / PKM culture. So ToolsForDigitalGardeners is related.

Previously : In a sense SdiDesk and even CardiganBay were partly fumbling towards this idea. When Cardigan Bay finally gets proper code embedding then maybe it will be.

2022 : Basic workspaces in Cardigan Bay are running, allowing you to both embed running ClojureScript scripts into your pages. AND publish them to your static / public site.

The following is a workspace with a simple calculation in it. You should be able to execute and even edit it while looking at ThoughtStorms (which is just a collection of static pages. More on CardiganBayWorkspacePublishing)

Zotero is a BrowserExtension which is aimed at helping you collect citations to AcademicJournals articles etc.