BEACH stands for Beautifully Easy And Carefree Hacking

An umberella term for all those sporadic thoughts on The Ultimate Programming Language, IDE, UserInterface etc.

Had it's own wiki, currently dormant :

BEACH in a nutshell :

Current BEACH experiments focus on

  • a wiki-like (multi-page + fluently hyperlinkable) editing environment (sequel to SdiDesk, as of 2008, being planned in Flex and / or browser) (Basically ProgrammingInAndWithWiki)
  • a make script which can crawl multiple pages, extract fragments from them, and export them as a program
  • GeekWeaver, a high level templating language written in an outliner
  • Putting these together ... ie. having GeekWeaver outlines as one of the script types available in the editor


Graham says languages need to allow hackers to hack something. C for Unix, Lisp for Emacs, Ruby for Rails.

Stallman talks about the way Emacs is made of LispLanguage.

Sassenrath has created a language plus platform (RebolLanguage) which look very interesting, but are probably never going to become big because he chose to keep them proprietory. Still, the Rebol design and bundle looks very nice.