The belief that software development is inherantly complex. So dealing with it is fiddly and hard-work. There is no "silver bullet" ie. tool or technique which can save us from it.

I have an explanation for complexity on HardwareStuffAndSoftwareStuff


Things have made life better :

  • GarbageCollection
  • higher level languages,

Well, we're waiting for some more.

Amazing quote :

I believe the single most powerful software-productivity strategy for many organizations today is to equip the computer-naive intellectual workers who are on the firing line with personal computers and good generalized writing, drawing, file, and spreadsheet programs and then to turn them loose. The same strategy, carried out with generalized mathematical and statistical packages and some simple programming capabilities, will also work for hundreds of laboratory scientists.

Worth reading the cost ratios that allow people to accept

The democratization of software use particularly by programs such as SpreadSheets.

Compare WebLogs (the democratization of web-publishing) and JotWiki's attempt to appeal to TheLongTail/OfSoftware