: There are a huge number of processes in business (and let's add, other types of organization). A few are so self-similar that they fall into the category of the same kind of thing. For example SpreadSheets, word-processors, editors etc. Others are too individual. If they are extremely valuable, then there's a market for custom software. If not, they are likely to be handled badly by existing software. But clearly there's a lot of them. And maybe they could be handled by some sort of highly user configurable application like ... ahem ... WikiAsTheUltimateUserConfigurableApplication. Such a tool could handle the long tail (large number of rare processes) of software requirements.

** ManageAbility combines with RecombinantComputing

Comment : http://edgeperspectives.typepad.com/edgeperspectives/2005/03/longtailsand.html

DanBricklin on WikiCalc and the long tail : http://www.bricklin.com/tailwagsdog.htm

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