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2023 : CoryDoctorow on its "Enshittification" :

But thanks to the antitrust trial, we're learning about more of these. Megan Gray – ex-FTC, ex-DuckDuckGo – was in the courtroom last week when evidence was presented on Google execs' panic over a decline in "ad generating searches" and the sleazy gimmick they came up with to address it: manipulating the "semantic matching" on user queries:

When you send a query to Google, it expands that query with terms that are similar – for example, if you search on "Weds" it might also search for "Wednesday." In the slides shown in the Google trial, we learned about another kind of semantic matching that Google performed, this one intended to turn your search results into "a twisted shopping mall you can’t escape."

Here's how that worked: when you ran a query like "children's clothing," Google secretly appended the brand name of a kids' clothing manufacturer to the query. This, in turn, triggered a ton of ads – because rival brands will have bought ads against their competitors' name (like Pepsi buying ads that are shown over queries for Coke).

2021 : Good story on GoogleMessagingApps

2019 : Big player in MachineLearning with TensorFlow

For a moment in the 2000s it was the biggest, smartest BigTech co. around.

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Imagining its future (March 2006) :

Google's PlatformWars

(read with SearchEnginePlatformWars)

: Google gets OpenOffice (to compete directly with MS Office, allegedly cross partnership helps Sun sell Grid services and Google distribute their toolbar.

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Other Google stuff

: but corporate governence is criticised :

: taming the VCs? :

: (Web-scale programming? Contrast SituatedSoftware. Though maybe there's also PlentyOfRoomAtTheTop. And also ConservationOfModularity)

  • Apparently Google allow their employees time to work on their own projects. Contrast ResearchCentres, compare FifthDayStrategy

EstherDyson suggests it goes medical :

In China : (OnChina) (OnChina)

Google Fun!!

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