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RobertXCringely is defining four pillars (or models) of the computer industry in 2006

And worth comparing with PhilipGreenspunsFourModels

  • Intel

: Intel reprasent "hardware". Something which is being inescapably commoditized.

: "Dinosaur" software industry. Essentially wedded to the outmoded idea of "owning the single, winning platform" in a world where there will be a multiplicity of rival platforms. (Apple are also a kind of MicroSoft.)

  • Yahoo (Greenspun 1 model)

: See themselves as a media company.

: Sell data dynamically generated by proprietory algorithms.

Also rans

  • IBM, an expensive consultancy getting by on legacy contracting, and in a downward spiral of cost-cutting and lowered services
  • Sun, why don't they do something else?

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