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2014 : Security guards on Google shuttles don't look good.

Well, it is one of the biggest and smartest InternetPlayas around. I guess it deserves it's own page to collate stories about it.

Imagining its future (March 2006) :

Google's Technologies / Services

Google's PlatformWars

(read with SearchEnginePlatformWars)

: Google gets OpenOffice (to compete directly with MS Office, allegedly cross partnership helps Sun sell Grid services and Google distribute their toolbar.

Getting Unpopular

Other Google stuff

: but corporate governence is criticised :

: taming the VCs? :

: (Web-scale programming? Contrast SituatedSoftware. Though maybe there's also PlentyOfRoomAtTheTop. And also ConservationOfModularity)

EstherDyson suggests it goes medical :

In China : (OnChina) (OnChina)

Google Fun!!

Google circa 1960 (on