Big, rich, intelligent companies that know how to build platforms in internet / computer space. These are the guys involved in PlatformWars (Read with TheNewPlatforms)

But we need neutral platforms : TheWebWeLost, TheWorldOfEnds

TimOReilly points out that it now routinely pursues monopolies. That's it's only strategy.

DaveWiner on how regulators should break it up :

Find the component of the company that really is open tech. Something that was open before they came along, that they foreclosed on, and used their monopoly to put everyone else out of business.

That's where you draw the line of separation. The core should be spun off into a new company that's well funded, with a charter to commercialize the tech while maintaining zero lock-in. Totally replaceable. Defined APIs that don't break.

If the company is viable with these constraints, great. If not, they have enough money to plan their own demise. The key thing is they cannot use their dominance to launch new products. Just the open tech.

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