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"Blogging" is become a minor concern. But the desire to have your own writing space is returning with a vengeance.

The new tools offer features that are subtly different from blogs. More built in social networking / reactions. Or a look which is more optimised for essays / articles.

Some are starting to promote themselves as places to monetize your writing (by putting it behind a paywall, or collecting tips, or getting paid by the company itself).

Some combine with EMail distribution of newsletters.

Some claim to be resistant to "censorship" (ie. now that BigTech is getting more heat for disseminating disinformation and hate-speech, they want to claim to be champions of FreedomOfSpeech)

Some are on BlockChains or PeerToPeer networks and avoid central decision-making and "censorship" that way.

There's some intersection with ToolsForDigitalGardeners and ToolsForThought (some tools do both private note-taking and publishing) but I won't focus on them here. (Talking about them elsewhere)

Anyway ... here's the new spaces.

Old Blogging Tools

Essay / Monetized

Blockchain / P2P

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