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Hi Heather,

welcome to ThoughtStorms. :-)

Am checking your wiki stuff. (And partly guilted into getting around to writing this by your discussion of WelcomeRituals here : :-) http://nearlythere.com/notes/social_software/simple_software_complex_interactions.php#more :-)

-- PhilJones

Hi ya! I found you via ZBY, et al. Geez, guilted? Sounds worse than jilted.

I've got my head so far up wikis right now I can't see straight. I'm applying the use of wiki to support for a 'community of practice'... I adore Wegner's ideas very much, and I'm saddended to see them sullied by KM (knowledge management) mumbo-jumbo... (you know, focusing too much on quanitfiable information- and not the important social interactions that Wegner talks about)... so I think wiki offers an amazing support tool for a community of practice, but- it's mostly about the social norms, and very little about the tech.

But... I'm still only an egg, and learning how to collaborate on a wiki is tough stuff. But good tuff stuff. :)

-- HeatherJames

Hi Heather,

thanks for all the really good links you're dropping at the moment. They're all new to me, and very interesting. Glad to see you back blogging too. :-)

-- PhilJones

heya there, i'm insisting that i'm not keeping a blog. i don't trawl much, and i don't much traffic. i use delicious and furl for all that. it's notes, is all, i jes keeps notes. now, the more and more i start digging into research, the more i'm thinking that the chronological journal format is not very conducive to collecting bits and peices. i save more thoughtful entries for that space. and i don't have many well-formed thoughts at the mo'. i'd like to have some kind of online outline or schematic map thing to dump into. then i come here, and see that you pretty much have that.

i'm in danger of starting to drop more links and ideas here! heather: get your own thought storm!

--- HeatherJames

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