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I'm a 23 year old male. I'm a self-employed call-out computer technician with a couple of sub-contractors. I plan to migrate myself from technician to management and then from management to entrepreneur.

I was a Communist during my teenage years but my views changed as I experienced the outside world. I spent a lot of time applying for jobs and trying to get into the workforce so I have a great deal of sympathy and understanding of those that are trying to get themselves into the workforce. I also think that government regulations of the labour market make it difficult for new and small businesses to employ people.

Idealistically I support laissez-faire capitalism so long as it stays true to the idea that anyone get can ahead in the world by applying their ability to reason and bit of elbow grease. I see that interference in the market (such as limiting who can broadcast television or radio or own a bank) tends to support the people and business that are already established and well to do.


(Ok, ok, I'll bite. Is a laissez-faire approach to capitalism actually achievable, or merely a utopian romance undermined by.. well.. HumanNature?

By that, I mean that there are many factors other than "effort" that dictate who has influence, and how much they have - nepotism being an obvious one, for example - all which go towards unsettling some kind of "fair" (in terms of effort) system. In short, wouldn't we need to force people to maintain strict trade only, and not actually get involved in "personal entanglement"? – GrahamLally )

I agree with you that Lfc is probably no more achievable than utopian communism . If all the roads required toll how would a pennyless kid get his first job as a pizza delvery driver?

That's why I said "so long as it stays true to the idea that anyone get can ahead in the world by applying their ability to reason and bit of elbow grease."

Strong minds consider regulation (either public or private) as damage and generally route around it.

I visted a country where the sewerage system was terrible and you could see the system wide open while walking through the city. The contract was obviously won by family members or close friends of the government in that country and they gave a very poor effort in the construction. If anyone is going to be guilty of nepotism let it not be the government.

An important part of lfc is banning the use of force except in self-defence it could not be used to stop personal entanglement. Perhaps under the table favours will be superceded by open source busineses and their transparent communities.

From a Hegalian perspective the contradictions between public and private ownership could create a synthesis of the two. A means of ownership that is a hybrid of public and private. This would have the advantages of both forms.


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