Hi Ron,

Welcome to ThoughtStorms. Good to see you here. :-)

Comments on your postings on relevant pages.

One thing I would like is for ThoughtStorms to automatically create a link from my RonChrisley page to any of the pages I have edited. Even better, the edits I am responsible for. Even better, with summary line included. That way I don't have to replicate each of my edits in my own blog, but can have just one link from my blog to my ThoughtStorms page.

: If you sign the pages you create with RonChrisley, then the back link from the title on this page will automatically find them. But I see this isn't going quite far enough. – PhilJones

It would almost be enough, if I could link to a search in ThoughtStorms for "RonChrisley"; but when I do the search, the URL in my browser address window is just "which http://www.nooranch.com/synaesmedia/wiki/wiki.cgi" which doesn't really help.


Try this :



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