OnSurfaces (ThoughtStorms)

OK, this page is flakier than usual. Nevertheless, I want to try grouping some things and see if it's interesting. Today's topic is "surfaces"

: When we say John has a thought t, what this means is that he is competent with a set of behaviours such as making accurate reports about t, acting according to t, making inferences from t etc. There's nothing more to having t than this. So, if I can't really think P(x) maybe I can learn to "fake" it. Or at least, fake it sufficiently for the community.

: (NB: this last explanation is filtered through the fact that I can't believe this position. Maybe someone who believes it could explain better and more convincingly)

A better argument does it the other way around: The idea that there are contents which we cannot entertain is incoherent, since it requires us (on some questionable assumptions akin to verificationism) to be able to conceive of something which is, ex hypothesi, inconceivable by us. This is a form of AntiRealism, and is related to Davidson's claim that there is only one ConceptualScheme.

-- RonChrisley

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