MicroContent (ThoughtStorms)

Small pieces of content, loosely joined (SmallPiecesLooselyJoined)

MicroContent could be thought of as the idea that we can address (AddressableThings) content at a finer granularity (OnGranularity).

A special case of MicroValue?

Communities build around different types of it : (See http://blogs.it/0100198/2003/02/22.html#a723 (See also TheAgeOfAmateurs)

Possibly / ideally these tools should work through REST (WhatIsRest) manipulation of XML based descriptor (eg. RSS) files.

Joi Ito : http://joi.ito.com/joiwiki/MicroContentBlurb

Value-add feeds are like Micro-content : (Like http://icite.net/blog/200307/feeds_lists_packages.html (Like a platform? See OnPlatforms / WeblogsAsPlatforms)

Makes me think of RSS feeds as mixers in a cocktail.

See also RssAsGenre


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