FractionalAbstraction (ThoughtStorms)

Borrowed from InformationArchitectureOfThisWiki

The point is, that ThoughtStorms is partly about the continuous negotiation and refactoring between concrete and abstract. And that negotiation requires fractional, intermediete degrees of abstraction : not just "types and tokens" or "classes and instances" but something messier : wild conjectural pulling out of anything'' that might be a possible commonality between pages and might grow into a useful generalization.

See also my discussion with Zbigniew on TheArchitectureOfComplexity''

That's the basic point. If we think of the difference between a type and a token as a degree of 1, then a fractional abstraction is a partial generalization that gets you a little bit more general.

Hmmm. What does that mean in practice?

Hey, we could call it "Frabstraction" :-)