TypedLinks (ThoughtStorms)

The idea that HyperTexts should attach types to links.

** Introduced by MarkBernstein : http://www.eastgate.com/HypertextNow/archives/Trigg.html

** Here : http://www.workpractice.com/trigg/thesis-chap4.html

There's a blog : http://is2.xspaces.org/TypedLinks

DavidWeinberger suggests social links are typed : http://www.corante.com/many/archives/2004/08/24/typed_links.php#comments

Which clearly connects to the ClayShirky point that structure is important, along with size, for social groups. (ScaleAndStructureOfSocialGroups / TypesOfComplexSystem)

2010, see DareObasanjo's comments on the SocialGraph

There are typed links on ThoughtStorms. For example (WarpLink) (and I suppose (IoB) )

TechnoRati just introduced them for the internet : VoteLinks

PeterKaminsky considers FolkSonomies and wonders when we'll see "tagged links" : http://peterkaminski.com/archives/000425.html

Contrast :

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