Classic essay on FreeSoftware / TheAgeOfAmateurs. Systems within which self-interested personal actions create wealth for everyone.

RossMayfield on cornucopia of the commons, and how social organizations get started. :

As always, lots of good stuff :

  • Neofunctionalism ... starts with technocrats (geeks, academics, others who come together to solve specific, easy to identify technical problems. Same as object-link for CollectiveIntelligence?
  • discussion of scales of groups (OnGranularity), smaller more likely to voluntarily co-operate (in a village everyone knows you),
  • FreeSoftware has "vertical dependencies" whereas Wikipedia only has "horizontal" (and hence scales better?)

wow! Can't decide if Mayfield is the smartest guy on Earth of if I've just been reading him for so long and I'm just canalized into his way of thinking.

Where it happens.

  • ClayShirky on PeerToPeer was getting at this. The more people download music, the more servers are available
  • FolkSonomies - people classify for themselves but other's benefit
  • Question : OnMarkets ? - ExchangeParadigm markets are examples of the same wider principles, self-interested action + DivisionOfLabour = creation of wealth. But it's not quite "commons".

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