Don't let all that celebration of UnfinishedProjects fool you. I am an arch procrastinator.

And, I guess what they say is true, you don't do things often because you're scared of them in some way.

That's definitely true of me. I'm really scared of people. (Even though I like people quite a bit.)

I hate ringing people up and asking them to do things for me. That's probably my number one problem in life. And all the worst cringe-points on my todo list are actually due to not ringing people up and asking for things.

What else? Why do I have 3 or 4 unfinished essays to read and about 8 other unmarked courseworks?

Because it's boring to read? Maybe, but when I do it, it's surprisingly not boring.

In reality, is it because I'm worried about getting the marking wrong? Most things, it doesn't matter what I get wrong. But this is a big issue because, once again, it inconveniences other people. What if I give them an incorrectly low mark? They'll complain. That doesn't bother me. Not the complaint. Not showing why I gave the marks. Not explaining myself. That's easy.

What bothers me is that the student might have to repeat the course. But might not be able to afford to, and so drop out of college. And maybe their life will be blighted because I didn't give them a fair mark. Or even if I gave them a fair mark but it wasn't quite good enough.

At the same time. If I just give good marks, then I've caused further downstream havoc in the college. The next course can't rely on my "output" to have the skills and ideas they should have.

Now, I'm not saying I'm a bad marker. I think I'm pretty good, if a little bit generous. But this is why I don't get down and mark when I should, until the last minute.


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