UnfinishedProjects (ThoughtStorms)

People still think an abandoned project, eg. a dead open source project or weblog, are failures. They instinctively shy away from starting half-thought out projects because they don't trust they have the time to make a good job of them, and that therefore such things are useless; or worse, an embarrassment. How lame to have failed or given up on such a project.

This is just Finishedness thinking. (AgainstFinishedness)

Even though such projects don't achieve their intended aims, they may still be contributing to the overall vitality of the network. An abandoned project may still

Q : So Phil, do you have the courage of your convictions. Will you list your unfinished projects here, so we can all laugh at your capacity to screw / give up too easily.

A : Ok. Remember, all my projects are unfinished :



Music software





There is a kind of danger. If you have too many good ideas and can't decide which to go for. You end up achieving nothing. This sort of failure can lead to many unfinished projects.

Contrast :