OutlinerWithWikiLinking (ThoughtStorms)

Update 2016 :

ProjectThoughtStorms has had a rethink. ThoughtStorms is now running on a very simple, home-brew wiki written in PythonLanguage. This means that the SmallestFederatedWiki questions are now redundant. There's still an ongoing question about the relationship between OWL and the ThoughtStorms software. But both are now more under my control, and we're ... slowly and somewhat haphazardly meandering towards some sort of consilience.


This is awkward. About a year or so after I committed to working with WardCunningham's SmallestFederatedWiki for ProjectThoughtStorms and my future personal wiki / personal organizer development, DaveWiner goes and writes a great outliner that runs in the browser.

Then he goes and open-sources it as ConcordOutliner.

So a quick play, I embed it in a page. And graft a simple UI idea from SdiDesk : a simple navigation bar into which you can type a page name, forward and back buttons and a "make link" button.

And suddenly !!!! A synthesis of wiki and outlining. Each page is an outline. Making links between pages is trivial. It works, almost immediately and surprisingly well.

See it on GitHub : https://github.com/interstar/OWL

It's gone so well that I've already done a version that stores pages as files on my machine, and a version that runs as an Android app. (https://github.com/interstar/OWLdroid) (And am successfully using BitTorrentSync to synchronize my laptop with my tablet.)

So I'm a little bit conflicted ... what's my road-map for future development? SFW or OWL? Both have their strengths and weaknesses. OWL is good for capturing todo lists (er ... so there's a MindTrafficControl question here too). SFW is good for publishing nice looking pages. And when the federation thing is really sorted, should be awesome.

We're into SmartDisorganizedPhilosophy territory here ...