I'm becoming very fond of the the double-comma separated format. eg.

123 345 654 hello world

343 26 21 goodbye galaxy

All the advantages of simplicity and readability of comma-separated, without the problem of escaping or wrapping single commas.

What do you do when you want to store a string that contains a double-comma ?

(This special case happens far, far less often than

wanting to store a string that contains a single-comma, but I don't want to assume it never happens).


Right now, nothing. Of course, really wanting to represent double commas is fairly unusual, but would become more common if people started adopting double comma format for other things. There's no escaping from the requirement for escaping :-) Handling this is on the todo-list for SdiDesk (and a default spec. for anything else I write using double-commas), but not yet implemented. :-(


See also SmartAscii

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