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Please move any text I have anywhere. My writing skill leave a bit to be desired.

Welcome to this wiki Mark. Good to have you around. -- PhilJones

Thanks Phil. - best, YpsilantiEyeball

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Ypsilanti Peace : []

(This looks interesting -- PhilJones)

:Glad you think so, how should we think about putting it together. Also, can you set up an RssFeed easily?

:haven't figured out RssFeeds yet, though I need to. What you're talking about might be something I've been thinking about under the title TypedThreadedDiscussion. Might be possible to knock together a SpikeSolution of this kind of threaded discussion out of a hacked copy of the UseMod script. That would allow it to retain most of the UseMod conventions, and be tightly integrated with a UseMod wiki) ... still I'm just freestyling here ...

I just learned it a couple of weeks ago, not enough to install it or anything, check out there, there is a link at the bottom for an Rss patch for use mod.

:Another option would be to install the "beta testing" version of UseMod, which has RSS and is currently used to run the Meatball site. The code is pretty stable--the main reason it is still beta is that I haven't documented the new features. Send me mail if you would like the beta version. -- ** | Error in SisterSite link ... seems like is not recognised. u'[[CliffordAdams](http' {'Meatball': '', 'BillSeitz': ''} CliffordAdams

:Thanks Clifford. I think I'm going to have some time to check out the new UseMod in about a month's time. BTW UseModWiki is very, very cool Amazingly simple and powerful. Thanks. -- PhilJones

Hey Phil, if you don't want me rooting around, let me know, also please feel free to remove anything I put in. Best, Mark

Delighted for you to root around Mark. Once I finish the job I'm on, I'm also going to have time to root around in the rest of the wikisphere.

Thanks, you are tending to a beautiful garden! -md

Consider putting up a TourBusStop, from the MeatBall:TourBus project.

Hello Phil, just because I am curious, where is your geographical location, UK? -- Best, Mark

May 2004

Hi Mark,

welcome back. You were missed around here. Though I noticed you've been getting into blogging now :-) Hope you're following all the good political dabates here recently (Start on ChangingCulture)

-- PhilJones

:''Yea, I got sucked into blogging, don't really like it, I do more of what a friend calls Fire Hose blogging. Need to cut back and work on wiki stuff more. Hope you are well, will check out ChangingCulture. thanks, Mark

Phil, small chance I might be in Brazil next month. Best, Mark

: Interesting, where you gonna be? Anywhere near here? -- PhilJones

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