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Introducing a new feature to ThoughtStorms ... "Warp links" tunnel great distances through ThoughtStorms concept-space. They're fun, silly, and sometimes based on vague resemblances, puns, echoes.

They don't quite earn BonusFreakyConnectionPoints, because the ideas don't seem to be as compatible or profound. But they might be interesting.

Of course if this wiki supported TypedLinks then I'd probably use those. OTOH the flexibility of inventing new types of machinery through ordinary text rather than having to implement it in code (as with CategoryCategory) is a wiki speciality.

There's another difference between BonusFreakyConnectionPoints and WarpLink. BFCPs are property of pages. They describe an idea which is a significant component of a page. OTOH warp links are meant to properties of links. Of course, given the implementation on a wiki, they naturally live on a page. But conceptually, it's the link which makes the connection between pages rather than the page which makes the connection between ideas.

How much does this distinction matter?

Dunno, but it reminds me of :

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