A group called "The Miami Bombshells" wrote a book.

The link to them and the book is long gone.

What interested me was the scale and topology. Books normally get written by one or two people. Possibly one person writes a book based on interviews with five or six others (each forming a chapter). Or there are books of conference procedings ...

On the other hand, the GroupBlog with 6-10 contributors is now a well known phenomenon. And now it seems to be breaking out of the web into book-space. (In fact, marketing phenomenon ... actually I suppose the CluetrainManifesto was an example, with its four authors.)

RossMayfieldsThreeScalesOfNetwork puts the creative network at up to around 12. Its the small project team. Will such small teams start to colonise the space of other media forms : write books, run conferences etc?

TheCultOfCelebrity is a cult of single stars, backed by an anonymous publishing corporation. In the new model, the CreativeNetwork or group gets the attention.

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