There are 3 scales of network

The political network of large numbers of people. Connection here works according to PowerLaws

The social network (around 150 people). The people you know. Attention divided according to a Gaussian(?)

The Creative network (around 12 people) Your collaborators in projects. This network is fully connected (everyone talks to everyone)

Information can filter from one network to another through common persons / nodes

RichardMacManus suggests a couple more scales :

  • personal (~10)
  • social (~100)
  • community (~1000)
  • "broadcast" (~10,000)
  • celebrity (~100,000)

Looking at wikis for the different scales : WikisAtDifferentScales

Compare with this discussion of TheLongTail : which which segments the tail into different scales and argues for different economic models at each.

See also BillJoysSixWebs