BillJoysSixWebs (ThoughtStorms)

Part of ThoughtsOnNewMedia

In a famous analysis, Bill Joy, chief scientist of Sun described 6 webs.

  1. TheNearWeb
  2. TheFarWeb
  3. TheHereWeb
  4. TheVoiceWeb
  5. TheEcommerceWeb
  6. TheDeviceWeb

Some possible other webs

: Why? Is it just a world wide recipe book? Is there another application for this stuff? Start here to think about kitchen automation, the domestic network ...

: Very soon we're going to get net connected children's toys. Imagine a robot teddy bear that can be used to send hugs across the world; singing Bass that hook directly to Napster.

::TomCoates : Where's the teddy bear that shivers when it's cold outside?! (need (need to find it in a long list of short links)

:: MIT make it :

Wireless wonders on thinking of you :



: No actually, my guess is that the first big hit of this will be security like this. You BlueTooth connect your phone to your keys to your wallet. If you leave one of them behind and it gets out of range, other devices in your personal clothes / device swarm immedietely bleep loudly to warn you ... they could alert you to other potential attacks too : pickpocketing, your bag being slit open, a gun being waved at you ...

::See Meatball:IsmellDevice for brief notes on the unfortunately-named and now defunct iSmell. --StephenGilbert