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Quora Answer : What are innovating thoughts you had about inventing/discovering something new and then you got to know that the same has already been invented?

Nov 18, 2016

A2A :

Well, a long time ago I had this idea that I thought would be fantastic (but evil). I saw all these companies making cartoons for kids with tie-in action figures. (I was a teenager at the time, so too old for these cartoons but young enough to remember being into them) And I was into computer games. And I thought ... wouldn't it be brilliant to make action figures that were integrated with computer games. And the crucial thing would be that you had to buy an action figure (or vehicle) to unlock its character (or vehicle) in the game. And you'd use the action figure to actually control the game somehow.

I was way too young to do anything about this. And even then I felt it was slightly evil. So while I fantasized about making something like this and getting rich, nothing happened.

Turns out, this is the Toys-to-life category. But I was thinking about this back at the end of the 80s.

(Oh, and there was also going to AI to help write the stories for the cartoons, so there was a never-ending supply of them. I was influenced by some TV program I saw where they used PrologLanguage to write stories.)

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