ThoughtStorms Wiki

This wiki (ThoughtStorms) is now running on a new, experimental, homebrew wiki that I'm writing called CardiganBay.

I'm going back to the old-skool to move forward.

Previously it was on another self-written WikiEngine called ProjectThoughtStorms and before that on Smallest-Federated-Wiki and before that on UseMod / OddMuse

Pages are stored as plain MarkDown files in a Git Repo. Once I've cleaned things up a bit, some of that repo will be made public.

Places to start reading

  • HelloWorld is actually one kind of good overview.
  • ThoughtStorms is now maintained by Phil Jones so is a vehicle / repository for both my notes capturing useful information about, and rants about, various topics that interest me. So the PhilJones page is a good place to know more about that.
  • If you knew me from Quora, you can find many of my (IMHO better) QuoraAnswers moved to this wiki

Transcluded from GoodPages

Pages / essays that I think are important

Classic Intro Pages

See the SisterSites discussion.


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  • OrphanPages (pages that do exist in this wiki that don't have other pages linking to them)
  • AllPages (all pages in this wiki ... still pretty long)
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To export all pages : /api/exportallpages