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Well this didn't turn out exactly as people were thinking ... leaving the old stuff and will come back to rework it later

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Some six weeks later, ((Jonathan Schwartz is)) a firm believer that a blog – which generally consists of diary-like entries that are posted to the Web – is a must-have tool for every executive. "It'll be no more mandatory that they have blogs than that they have a phone and an e-mail account," Schwartz says. "If they don't, they're going to look foolish."

Interesting how blogging personalizes. Of course, that's true of all SocialSoftware. It personalizes our understanding. Personalizes our map of the information space. Here it personalizes business.

hmm, not sure that message comes from the BW article. I think that might apply to MicroSoft, but maybe only in the short term (a blog about security efforts doesn't help the next time you get whacked by an outlook virus). The BW story seems to me more about being a channel for ideas communicated more coherently/fully than happens via mediating media. The informality of blogs helps the communication happen, but I think that's less about the positive of a HumanVoice than countering the negative of what we've come to expect as dried-husk CorpSpeak


Do you think the two (postive HumanVoice and countering CorpSpeak) come apart? Actually, you say "a blog about security efforts doesn't help the next time you get whacked by an outlook virus". I'm not so sure. A blog about security efforts with comments and similar BackChannels might help a lot. Firstly it might be the first word the developer actually gets of a new kind of attack. And second, it helps users feel at least a little power if they can get the attention of and response from the developers responsible.


Blogging is going to be a huge boost for TheCultOfTheExecutive. The blogging CEO or other executive more and more embodies the company, it's values, it's persona.

A couple of questions arising ...

  • will this also accelerate the arrival of NetoCracy? As social power becomes more and more relevant for companies. Executives will be more focused on their social wealth and more focused on NetoCracy/Imploitation.
  • what will happen with succession? For example, we all associate DaveWiner with UserLand although he's left. Can you leave a company which you've personalized so thoroughly? What happens to it when you take your audience away?
  • another way of putting the above. Can brands which are not people actually survive this hyper-personalization of everything? Brands are (as NoLogo reminds us) always in conflict with the the content they are parasitic on. The CEO as a brand is parasitic on the company. The blogging CEO is that much more empowered. His brand is enhanced, but the cost must come to the company's own brand. (BrandingVsBlogging)

JonUdell on narrating your professional life : (It's (It's hard.)

And blogs necessary for a career? :

All the brand value accrues to the individual.

RossMayfield on executive buy-in of EnterpriseTwoPointZero :


Counter :

A new wave of public aggregator ignores personal in favour of generic / sector. Perhaps this is MiddleSpace. Somewhere between the individual personal voice and big media.

I don't believe it. My guess is that this represents a new influx of readers who were never readers of personal blogs, downscaling from BigMedia to smaller media, that uses blog-like software. We are still a SystemEvolvingTowardsMoreSmallerSpecialistComponents (see WeMedia).

Update : 2021 ... Om was largely right. Blogging as a professional hasn't gone mainstream. OTOH platforms like Twitter and YouTube have managed to amplify personality and turned individuals into phenomenally influential and powerful people. Up to and including DonaldTrump becoming president of the US via Twitter. ForkLiftsAndMicrophones

Scoble notices that people who work, don't get the credit : (Compare (Compare DownstreamCredit)

StoweBoyd has a pretty good overview of the way that blogging shows up our flawed personalities :

Tdaxp interviews "Coming Anarchy" about blogging and identity :


Money shot : why doesn't something like Visual Studio Express have Jon's blog built in?

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