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Rappers are an example of the phenomenon of the personal.

Rappers strike their identity over everything else in the background. They seek to control the music.

TheWorldOfHipHop is a metaphor. It's not just about the cultural style known as "Hip-hop". It's that hip-hop is an early example of a more widespread oranization of life. One feature of this is the struggle between MC and DJ; personality and technique. Or if you like who you know vs. what you know. Or NetoCracy vs. TechnoCracy.

BloggingPersonalizes. Bloggers are also representatives of the personal. Riding the syndication feeds (TheFlowInternet / RSS) and striking their personality over it, just as the MC rides the beats.

Just as rappers have (apparently) triumphed over the DJ in their struggle for identity, bloggers (commentators) will triumph over the real news media / software developers.

Or maybe not :-)

The MC needs the music. The blogger needs the hacker.

Counter 1

Perhaps it was always thus? Singers vs. Lead guitarists? Band members?

And anyway, isn't this just TheCultOfCelebrity?

: yes.

Counter 2

Does ProgrammersAndWriters signal a synthesis of the two roles rather than a conflict?

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