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Update 2023 : All this has become really mainstream. See also BeatMakers

As discussed in MyWikiWillNeverMakeMeFamous, music production forms a SupplyChain from :

  • those who construct instruments and sounds,
  • those who construct loops, cells
  • those who construct tracks
  • DJs (musical curators) who arrange tracks into sessions / shows / compilations
  • MCs / vocalists who brand such higher level aggrogates with their voice.

There's a continuous struggle between DJ and MC for who is at the top facing the consumer. Who's brand is prominent.

  • In TheWorldOfHipHop MCing personalizes just as BloggingPersonalizes. RappersAndBloggers are the same.
    • Rapping until the early 90s tended to accomodate itself to the beat. But with bands like WuTangClan the rappers started to fight against the flow of the music, syncapating and trying to escape it.
    • Ragga dance-hall commoditized the music. The same RaggaRiddims were re-used and rebranded by multiple vocalists
    • SimonReynolds talks about the evolution of Grime from 2-step garage as being the evolution of tracks from being DJ tools to being MC tools. Grime MCs hold it down. Dominate the music much as ragga MCs do.
  • Bootlegging / mash-up / RemixCulture is the revenge of the technician. The Kleptones are DJs who force the rapper into their scheme.

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