Listening to the Gillmors on Scoble leaving MicroSoft :

And thinking a bit more about what I said here : (scroll (scroll down) and BloggingPersonalizes.

I still believe that Scoble loses more from this than MS. MS are going to stay on the ClueTrain. (OnMicroSoft/OnTheCluetrain) But Scoble loses his foil. Scoble + MicroSoft was CreativeFriction. Scoble in a media company (particularly a clueful one) isn't. He simply has to go with the grain and logic of the business he's now in. What's there to push against?

At the same time, my new hero is JasonCalacanis. He's a blogger taken into a moribund giant (NetScape) who's giving it a new energy through challenging its assumptions (eg. editorial control)

Famous(ish) blogger + Big Company = Great Things.

But the word we're really looking for here is symbiosis. Host and Parasite.

Or better ... Endosymbiosis ( ) ) A mutually beneficial inhabitation of one organism by another that makes the whole greater than the sum of the parts.

Who are the endosymbionts?

MicroSoft DareObassanjo, AlexBarnett
AOL JasonCalacanis
Sun TimBray
Yahoo JeremyZawodny

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