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Hi Bill,

thanks for stopping by. Interesting to see you have an OpenSociety slant to your wiki too. Do you think there's an obvious connection between a PopperianEpistemology and Wiki?


I'm not a KarlPopper expert, but I'll riff that there's a connection between Popper's optimistic improvement/evolution-through-analysis attitude and the wiki patterns of (a) connecting everything and (b) refining everything. –BillSeitz

Not true, but will be again :

coming out as the resident LibertarIan?, or at least OpenSociety defender)

: That's good. We need libertarians here. (More specificially we need a page OnLibertarianism) And remember, I'm also a defender of TheOpenSociety. I need to do some work to make my various shifting beliefs work together (eg. FreedomOfExpressionVsFeministCondemnationOfPornography, TestingMarxism), and I haven't always got there yet, everything's conjectural; but I think this is good work, which needs to be done.


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