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Is the Democratic party in disarray and dispondancy? Not for long. Possibly the strength of a networked AntiBush movement is that it will bounce back fairly quickly ... first with an analysis of what went wrong, then with a push for new ideas ... here's a page to help by collecting links about the bounce-back.

  • BillSeitz has been driven to want independence from the rest of the US and says except... I'm thinking about what people have been saying about the Republican Party spending decades building an infrastructure of Think Tank-s, etc. and how that now affects people's Framing of political issues. It should be lots cheaper/faster to do the same thing now.. (Time to concentrate more OnRhetoric and the GeorgeLakoff stuff.)
  • In fact there's a lot of "we must talk to and understand these people who voted Bush" from all over the left-blogosphere. Good sign.

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