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Interesting quote from the Reason interview :

He argued that you can’t easily improve on what he called “spontaneous orders.” There are many situations in which an order has arisen by individuals following rules. They often can’t articulate why they follow the rules, some of them are moral rules, whatever, and this has lead to a certain amount of coordination of people’s activity. To the extent that it’s done, that it’s allowed, groups that have followed those rules tend to prosper. That’s what he defined as “a spontaneous order.” This can occur among animals that are noncommunicating, and it can occur among humans and various social institutions. Language, the market, money, and more reflect this.

Basically similar to what I call "conservatism" in BecomingConservative. It's a belief that SelfOrganized systems are robust. OTOH, Hayek says he's not "conservative" in the more general political label sense, and calls himself a whig (OnWhiggery). So he's really following the EinsteinPrinciple : we need to respect current institutions and practices unless we can come up with something better. Because there's a danger we'll come up with something worse.

Another interesting quote, Hayek asserts we can't have an understanding of ComplexSystems so social sciences can't be like the physical sciences (sometimes) are.

It holds that pattern predictions are the best that we can often do when it comes to society.

See also : PatternLanguage (which I think is the way to document and understand such complex systems)

Is Hayek the person who foresaw markets as a kind of Connectionism?

Contrast :


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