Alexander is an AestheticRealist

I think my conversation with Tayssir here : is is also worth a glance. Why does Alexander go down better with software people than urban planners? Maybe because, to a certain extent, programmers are more in control / have more freedom to design and construct, than urbanists. In practice, urban planning is just local politics, with no larger scale design at all.

(p.144) Nature is never modular - leading towards idea of objects

(p.159) Generative process,

Egoless (without the will of the maker)

following patterns

(p.164) Essential that the people of a society together ...

but must be under deeper regulation ... ie PatternLanguage


In a semi-lattice, such overlaps are possible, though of course, hierarchies are a subset of semi-lattices. It's the distinction that Alexander is interested in. Alexander then goes on to show how many designs for cities and many new cities (including Brasilia) are in fact trees.

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