Resource Description Framework

Format which aims to break all meta-data down into a simple tuple (subject, predicate, object) where both subject and object can be URIs.

TimBray :

: I notice two years later it doesn't look like the challenge has been won.

Now I'm trying to get into this for OptimaesCurrencyDescription.

In a sense it's pulverising data into a microscopic set of predicate claims (See also BangTheRocksTogether)

Here's my complaint against RDF-XML (and RDF in general)

If RDF-XML is just an XML serialization of RDF triples why doesn't it look like this? :




Seems the reason it doesn't is some kind of PrematureOptimization thing.

doh! It's "R" as linked from this page (above) several months ago. And I forgot!

a lot of rdf related projects and ideas I don't understand : BillSeitz:z2002-06-06-a

strikes me that this stuff is for ArchitectureAstronauts