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Graham first met Phil when he was sitting next to AdrianHoward about a thousand years ago, and tried to catch up with him a few months in the past, but he managed to evade the effort and run off to a faraway place.

His interests are somewhat higgledy-piggledy, although he prefers to think of them in this entropic way, and possibly only uses traditional linguistic labelling as a way of appeasing more categorical readers. For instance, he could attribute much interest to the areas of 'Technology', 'Psychology', 'Politics', 'Philosophy' and 'Taoism', but really they're mostly all the same - or at least heavily interconnected - for the purposes of Actually Doing Anything Useful. Sometimes he likes to think that everything is just as concrete as anything else, and is currently trying to work out of there is, after all, any difference between the concept of surprise, and a fish. He likes things that don't take themselves seriously.

His more formal ramblings can be found at

While his less formal blogged incessantries are over at

Damn! Graham,

there's loads of good stuff on Exmosis now. But I'm frustrated that I can't respond there. If you don't allow comments or wiki-like eding I'm going to have to start nicking ideas for pages here.


You mean it was poo before? ;) Yeah, have started work on the scripts behind it again, and am thinking about either throwing comments in via some Perl (mmm, security fun), adding something like Haloscan to it (ick, pop-ups) or even just transferring it all over to a Wiki - MediaWiki looks interesting.

Also want to start integrating my blog posts into the site, i.e. make them just another category, displayed in reverse date order. Oh, and add keyword-stat-based categories.

Planning to move host in the very near future though, so that's going to happen first, I think...


"You mean it was poo before? ;)"

Perhaps a better way of phrasing it is "I actually got round to surfing Exmosis now" ;-) - PhilJones

Graham, thanks for all despamming. Shame it seems to be coming to this :-(


Reminds me of the comments made by someone at NotCon regarding current design in location-based tech - that there's a lot of experimenting, and development of the "good" stuff, i.e. the benefits that are there for the taking, but not enough in the way of designing a scalable architecture that can exist within a globally-accessible environment. I think in order for something usable (and thus, socially/technically important) to ever make it out of "experimental", or "alpha" status, it needs to blend both of these aspects well. Maybe we should all be learning from e-mail and the various problems there...


Well, obviously compare SituatedSoftware. And I think we are learning from email etc. I think we are learning how to suffer and manage problems like WikiSpam. Also, I wonder about IsMassNatural. Is there an argument against globalization of software equivalent to the argument in favour of LocalCurrencies? Isn't the natural and healthy thing a plurality of little communities with semi-permiable membranes? Rather than expecting to put everyone and everywhere into OneBigMonoCulture?


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